While Miami prepares to welcome tens of thousands of visitors heading to town for Super Bowl LIV, the city's vibrant art scene has found a way to play a part in the festivities. The NFL has teamed up with Goldman Global Arts to infuse the championship game with works from local artists, which can be seen both inside the arena and throughout the city.

"When the Super Bowl decided to come [to Miami], the NFL recognized that we really need to embrace art in a meaningful way," Jessica Goldman Srebnick, the Goldman Global Arts Founder, told Cheddar. Goldman Global Arts (GGA) is also the curator of the city's Wynwood Walls, a site where visitors from all over the world come to see street art.

The collective collaborated with artists like Tristan Eaton to design the face of the Super Bowl LIV tickets and created two renditions of the program, including a hologram version for ticket holders.

GGA is also bringing Miami art to those not lucky enough to score a ticket to the big game.

"We did large scale murals throughout the footprint of where the Super Bowl will be. We wanted people to have access to absolutely everything because everyone does not get to go to the Super Bowl." Srebnick said.

One mural is on the side of a 27-story building in downtown Miami by Chilean artist Dasic Fernández who tried to combine the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the spirit and excitement of football fans. Another artist, Kelsey Montague, created an interactive family-friendly mural that allowed fans to feel like a part of the art piece.

GGA wanted to embrace the NFL's centennial season by featuring art with some of the best moments from its one hundred seasons.

"We took 10 moments throughout the 100 years and we turned them into these sculptural pieces, and then we infused them into iconic Miami scenes," Srebnick said.

The Super Bowl was last held in Miami in 2010 before Wynwood Walls was a visitor hot spot, and Srebnick says it was important to showcase what Miami has become over the last 10 years.

"To have an organization like the NFL come to us and say we want to embrace it, we see the importance, we see how art is universal just like sports are universal, it was the perfect marriage," she said.

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