"A Boy. A Girl. A Dream." is a film about love, working together, and the 2016 Presidential election. The cast joins Alyssa Julya Smith to explain the significance of having it take place on election night and how that impacts the love story. Dijon Talton, Jay Ellis, and Meagan Good all star in the film. The three explains how the backdrop of Election Night 2016 creates an interesting backdrop. In the film, there is one narrative overlapping with another. The process of filming the entire piece in one night made the experience unique and challenging. The actors had to roll with the punches because if a mistake was made, the entire process needed to be re-set. The film taught the cast and crew about the importance of teamwork. When asked if they would do another film shot in this manner, the three paused, but then eventually said yes. The process made them more present and active in their work.

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