Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki is one of a rare breed of musicians who wants to give music away for free through streaming platforms. “I love it,” Aoki told Cheddar’s Jon Steinberg. “It’s all about circulation. You want to get your music out there.” For Aoki, who even owns his own record label, the streaming business isn’t where the money is, but where artists can reach a mass audience. Once performers build that following, they can make money through tours, he explained. Aoki is a resident DJ at landmark Las Vegas clubs including Hakkasan and Omnia. For him, the resort city is now the “major leagues” for artists who have risen to the top. “At the end of the day, Vegas is not a trendsetter,” explained Aoki. Rather than being a platform for experimentation, “Vegas is what is relevant now.” For the full interview, [click here](

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