Many people's New Year's resolution is to save more money or make more money. Before jumping into a side hustle or starting your own business, what are a few things you should think about? Brian Meiggs, Founder of Millennial Money Guide joins Cheddar to discuss how to not fumble through your first business. Meiggs says there are three important things to ask yourself before you start a business. Are you self-directed? Are you disciplined? And are you persistent? These are the qualities to develop and improve upon as you create a business plan. When it comes to deciding what type of business to start, some think it comes down to passion vs. profit. Meiggs says it doesn't have to. If you follow something you're passionate about, you're more likely to push harder and succeed. He says you want to be in an "evergreen niche" that already has a proven track record, high demand, lots of easy to find customers online, lots of websites, social media groups, and competition.

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