Now that SpaceX's Falcon Heavy is a proven success, what's next for Elon Musk's company? Live Science's Rafi Letzter joins Cheddar to recap the historic launch and look ahead towards what's to come. He explains how the liftoff will change the future of space travel. While the launch was a success, it didn't go exactly as planned. Letzter walks us through the delays and why not all the boosters landed as intended. We also learn the fate of the Tesla Roadster riding in Falcon Heavy's cockpit as it travels towards the asteroid belt. Finally, Letzter discusses a new study that found there may be significant amounts of liquid mercury trapped under permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere. He explains how this happened, and what it could mean for humanity, nature, and wildlife. The report suggests there could be as much as 15 million gallons of the metal, all of which are susceptible to being released due to climate change.

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