*By Brian Henry* There are plenty of perks to growing your own marijuana and while it sounds great in theory, you may not have been gifted with a green thumb. That’s where Seedo comes in. Seedo’s self-contained grow box lets you grow your own plants with the help of an app — no prior plant or experience needed. The technology was originally created to grow vegetables and herbs without pesticides or climate effects. They soon realized there was a market for the product in the cannabis industry. CEO, Zohar Levy, told Cheddar that Seedo "does everything for you." "There is an AI algorithm which analyzes photo and learning machines. There is a camera inside the machine, there is an app, you choose what kind of strain you want to grow, put the seed in the machine and close the door. The algorithm knows to manage all the processes automatically." Levy told Cheddar it took more than five years to generate the machine learning technology used in Seedo. "It's improving itself all the time to make it more and more accurate. Inside the machine there is a camera that scans the plants every few hours. The algorithm knows to recognize what is the condition of the plant and give the right perimeters every four hours. There is no fault, no human intervention. It does everything for you."

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