Investing in a start-up is not just about the idea, it's also about the people and the team behind the product. That's why Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam wanted their new investing show to focus on just that. The Texas millionaires are coming to A&E with "Rooster & Butch," a new investing show that feels more like friends hanging out than a VC pitch meeting. McConaughey and Gilliam stop by Cheddar to explain why they are so passionate about funding entrepreneurs and about their unique approach to pitches. The pair live by their "golden rule." They want to help people out because they are grateful fo the help they have received along with their careers. Gilliam is particularly passionate about investing in people over ideas. He believes in finding entrepreneurs who are similar to him and McConaughey. And their advice when it comes to inventing: the pair says that all entrepreneurs need to be tough. You will undoubtedly fail at some of your ventures, but if you stick to it, certain ideas will find success.

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