Acclaimed filmmaker Rob Reiner discusses his latest movie, "LBJ", and what attracted him to the project. Reiner talks about the parallels between the film and the current state of race relations in America. He discusses why the movie carries such relevance at this point in the nation's history. Reiner also weighs in on the widening Harvey Weinstein scandal and says that men need to step up and be a part of the solution. Reiner was nominated for an Oscar in 1993 for "A Few Good Men." He's also got a couple Golden Globe nods and Emmy wins. The legendary director and producer first came into the spotlight playing Michael "Meathead" Stivic on "All in the Family" alongside the late Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton. Among his many acting credits are "Wolf of Wall Street" and "This Is Spinal Tap." He's also directed "The American President," "When Harry Met Sally," and "Stand By Me."

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