Retired NASCAR driver Danica Patrick had to race back to the U.S. as the coronavirus pandemic began to spread. 

Patrick and her partner, NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, were vacationing in Peru when the coronavirus pandemic began to escalate and, like many Americans overseas, they had to rush back before the South American nation -- including its airports -- started shutting down.

“Whenever you’re on vacation you’re not really expecting to have to go home in an emergency and, to be honest, it really accelerated when we were there,” Patrick said. “We got back just in time, and if we hadn’t gotten back, we would be down there for, I’m sure, a month or two.”

The sports world, along with the rest of the world, has been halted by stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The retired racecar driver said the time at home has shown how much people enjoy having a community around them.

“I recognize, in all of this going on, that we yearn for interaction. For human interaction, for contact, for community. So, I don’t think there will never be a time where communities have not come together,” Patrick said. 

As the brand ambassador for, and investor in, Beam CBD, Patrick suggested cannabidiol products may be able help during this stressful time and namechecked one of her favorite products called Dream, a powder blend she uses to help her sleep during her travels. 

“I was going from Paris to LAX on a direct flight, which is a really long flight, and I took the Dream product,” she said. “I took the individual packet, and I put hot water in it, and I fell asleep for eight hours.” 

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