Retail companies are looking to stage a comeback. Jharrone Martis, Director of Consumer Research at Thomson Reuters, was with us to break down whether the companies were ready for a retail rebound. Nordstrom initially said it was interested in going private back in the summer. Martis said the company believes in order to take business to the next level, it would have to go private. Martis, however, said that's not necessarily the case. She said the Nordstrom Rack and the Nordstrom namesake brand have online sites that have seen double digit growth over the last year. She also points to a loyal customer base. Nordstrom is also making a big bet by opening up its first men's store in NYC. The store set to open in New York City in April, on Broadway between 57th and 58th streets. Martis sees this as a good opportunity to reinvent its in-store experience. Martis also touched on the outlook for Gap. She said Old Navy remains the bright spot due to its value proposition for the entire family, not just children.

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