Representative Al Green (D-TX) is back with impeachment efforts. The congressman forced articles to the House floor on Thursday, where fellow colleagues voted on whether they wanted to impeach President Donald Trump or not. The majority of his colleagues voted no, and his proposal only snagged 58 “yes” votes. Green says that he’s grateful to those who voted “yes,” because many people thought he’d be alone in his impeachment endeavor. He told Cheddar that he has nothing against those who didn’t vote in his favor, and he understands that impeachment is a process. “This is a step in the process,” Green said. “I do believe that President Trump has committed high misdemeanors in office, and that as a result of his behavior, the harm that he’s doing to our society, he should be removed from office.” Green was one of six lawmakers who presented five articles of impeachment against Trump last month. The group argued that Trump had obstructed justice, and had violated many terms of the Constitution. The lawmakers specifically called out the foreign and domestic emolument clauses, freedom of the press, and undermining of the federal judiciary. Many of Green’s Democrat workmates are trying to hold off any impeachment efforts, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is leading an investigation that, some consider, could incriminate Trump. Green says, however, that “hate can’t wait.” “I think that the harm that’s being done to people that we can’t see, and that we don’t get to meet and greet, is something that we should not allow to continue,” he said.

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