Starting at midnight on January 1, recreational marijuana became legal in California. Cannabis for medicinal purposes has been legal for more than two decades, but this legislation signals a change for the industry. Alyssa Julya Smith caught up with MedMen Dispensary's CMO BJ Carretta to discuss the economic impact, and where some of the tax dollars will go from an industry poised to make $7 billion in the coming years. MedMen is one of only three dispensaries in Los Angeles that has received a license on January 1 to sell recreational cannabis products as the city and state are slowly rolling them out. Carretta talks about de-stigmatizing the practice of cannabis use, and how that will help grow the industry to one of the biggest in the Golden State. He also says marijuana taxes will be as high as 35%, and the state is still figuring out what will be done with the tax money made off of the sales.

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