Multi-platinum artist Chingy is expanding beyond his rap and hip hop roots and jumping into the country music realm with his new collaboration, The Woah Down

Chingy told Cheddar Tuesday that it took only 45 minutes for him to produce the song with country duo Meg and Tyler.  

"When we got to the studio I asked Tyler to let me see the drum machine and so I laid the rhythm section down," said the artist. "I had Tyler put some guitar and bass on the track and Meg had already had the title for the song, The Woah Down. I collaborated with Meg on the hook and then I just went into the booth and freestyled my verses." 

Coming on the heels of Lil Nas X's country hit Old Town Road in 2019, the Right Thurr rapper best known for hip hop said he tries not to box himself in when it comes to creating music.  

"I try not to categorize everything because sound is but just creation," he said. "We all have our different terminologies,"  but when it comes to music, "I think we all need to just be universal and just make great music." 

As cities across the country continue to extend stay-at-home orders, many artists are connecting with their fans by either sharing new music or appearing on Instagram Live. Chingy said it's important for artists to share their music now, while people are at home if they want to be part of the conversation. 

"I think it's important for your artistry to still be heard," he said. "It's definitely a time where people are really, really listening to music and paying attention. So, if you want to be heard it would be smart for you to, you know, give the people what they want."

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