NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon joined Cheddar News this week as the iconic racing league celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Gordon, who last raced in 2015, is now the fulltime owner of Hendrick Motorsports. He first became an equity owner in 1999. He told Cheddar's Kristen Scholer that his transition into ownership was relatively seamless.

"My perspective, now that I take all of that knowledge or experience and put it into being part of a co-ownership with Rick Hendrick and just focusing on the foundation that's been built there," he said.

Gordon said the next phase of his career is about helping grow the sport of NASCAR and exposing it to as many new demographics as possible.

Part of NASCAR's growth will be put on display this coming summer when the league has its first street race in Chicago.

"I think that's going to be a testing bed for what's ahead in the future of what kind of venues and racetracks – not just in the U.S. but broader areas. Maybe in North America. It could be Canada, it could be Mexico or beyond and see NASCAR really go global," Gordon told Cheddar News.

When it comes to overhauling the NASCAR experience with EVs, he said it will probably take some time for the league to get there. He noted that when the shift happens, the league will be ready but its primary goal is to maintain the hype and excitement around NASCAR.

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