*By Christian Smith* Poshmark is changing the way users search for fashion on its app, unveiling a new "Posh Markets" layout this week. The new system, Founder and CEO Manish Chandra explained on Cheddar Tuesday, creates unique sub-communities for shoppers. The goal, he said, is to optimize the social marketplace's search tools. The vast world of online retail, he added, can be impersonal, something he hopes to change. "\[Our millions of sellers\] make it somewhat hard to honor and respect each community and each shopping experience," he said. Since its founding in 2011, Poshmark has grown to feature over four million sellers, or as the company calls them, "shopper stylists." Chandra told Cheddar that at any given moment, there are over 75 million items for sale on the app. Moreover, Poshmark's top seller recently passed a million dollars on in-app sales. Posh Markets will feature six categories ー women's, men's, kids', boutiques, plus-size, and luxury ー but Chandra believes that number will grow. "In terms of the total market opportunities ahead of usーit's totally massive," Manish said. For more on this, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/poshmark-launches-new-way-to-shop-on-platform).

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