If you're trying to eat better in the New Year, but are already tired of smoothies and salad bars, Plated wants to help you eat actual meals that you cook at home. Elana Karp is Head Chef and Culinary Co-founder of Plated, she stops by Cheddar with a look at what's new on the menu this month. We try three plated recipes, Chicken Bruschetta, Cacio e Pepe Skillet Pizza, and Greek Horiatiki with Marinated Feta. Each dish takes 30-40 minutes to prepare. Karp explains why food cooked at home tends to be healthier. She also says that, you're brown-bagging your lunch, salads without lettuce don't get soggy. She also talks about how Albertsons' recent acquisition of Plated will impact the meal-kit service's offerings.

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