The Barden Bellas are back for “Pitch Perfect 3”, and the film’s director joined Cheddar to share her excitement about being at the helm of such a strong, female-led cast. “Women out there are watching this,” said Trish Sie. “All of us on set are having such a good time: there’s so much estrogen flowing, it was like … champagne, estrogen!” The director, who also worked on “Step Up: All In,” says that, at a time when women in Hollywood are standing up against sexual harassment, it “feels so good” to see them help each other on-screen. She noted that the cast of “Pitch Perfect 3” also has a good relationship off-screen, which helps with chemistry. Women are standing up for each other throughout Hollywood. Many are reportedly planning to wear black to the upcoming 74th Golden Globes Awards as a protest of the rampant sexual misconduct in the industry. Sie told Cheddar that having a majority-female cast allowed the group to feel safe and take risks. “There’s like a safety in that, we can all be so much more playful in a way,” she said. For full interview [click here](

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