Need some extra cash this holiday season? Macy's is adding 7,000 new seasonal jobs this year, along with other retailers such as JCPenney and Old Navy. Lisa Rowan, Writer at The Penny Hoarder, joins Cheddar to break down how much money you can make with one of these part-time jobs. Each of these seasonal jobs pays around $10-$12 and have pretty flexible hours. They also will employ you until the middle of January, which may help you recuperate the funds spent on gifts. When it comes to joining in on the gig economy, Rowan says it may be a little harder to make fast cash. A lot of apps like TaskRabbit give each user a rating and allow people to leave reviews. So, if you don't have stellar reviews, the chances of people hiring you are slim. She suggests you get on those apps fast and try to build up loyal customers before the end of the year.

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