Facebook is in hot water again after revelations that a data firm gained access to information from millions of users without their knowledge. Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics company with ties to the Trump campaign, was able to access information from 50 million Facebook users through a personality test app. Only 270,000 people downloaded the app, but the firm gained access to data from millions through extended networks. This happened back in 2015 but is just now coming to light. EU lawmakers are opening an investigation into whether this data was misused. Congress is calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify on this matter. For the first time ever, Apple is working to develop its own display screens. The company is reportedly testing out a small number of screens at a secret facility near its headquarters in California. Apple is working on new technology to make next-generation Micro LED screens. These screens will make future iPhones skinnier, brighter, and will also eat up less battery power. Russian President Vladimir Putin was re-elected again by an overwhelming majority. After winning 76.7% of the vote, Putin will serve as President of Russia for another six years. Chris Miller, correspondent for Radio Free Europe, joins us to break down what Vladimir Putin's landslide election means for Russia and the rest of the world. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant talk about season two of their Netflix show, "Santa Clarita Diet." Barrymore talks taking on her role as a flesh-eating zombie, and how it was surprisingly easy to get into the role. The actors also weigh in on the age of streaming and the future of the media trend. Season two of the show starts streaming on March 23rd.

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