The European Union fines Qualcomm for allegedly violating antitrust laws. The EU is forcing the chipmaking company to pay $1.2 billion for illegally paying Apple to use its products exclusively. Apple and Qualcomm have been engaged in a long battle over this controversy. Starbucks and Disney announce pay raises and better employee benefits thanks to savings from the new tax reform bill. Starbucks says it will increase employee salaries, offer stock options, and offer more benefits. Disney says it will pay one-time $1,000 bonuses to 125,000 employees. The company will also invest $50 million in an education program for hourly workers. We talk to the directors behind the newest Netflix series, "Dirty Money," premiering this Friday, January 26th. Each episode in the six-part series will look at a different story of corporate corruption. Two of the directors, Kristi Jacobson and Erin Lee Carr, discuss how the series takes viewers beyond the headlines of big scandals such as VW's recall, Martin Shkreli, and even the Trump Organization. And Brett Holts, VP of Nike Running Footwear, introduces Nike's newest sneaker, the Epic React Flyknit. Holts says the shoe features a brand new foam compound, developed entirely by Nike. In the ongoing sneaker wars between Nike and Adidas, Holts says competition is always good, but Nike is focused on its own products.

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