Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday that soon only blue check mark accounts will appear in the platform's recommendation or feed. Right now, an algorithm determines which tweets appear in the "For You" view, which features some posts from accounts you don't follow.  

The change, set to begin April 15, would make it so only accounts that pay for the blue check mark designation make the cut. 

"[This] is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over," Musk tweeted. "It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle." 

In addition, only those users would be able to vote in polls. 

The announcement is the latest attempt by Musk to overhaul the struggling social media platform since he purchased it last year. His last major change was launching a subscription service for $8 a month that allows users to essentially pay for verification. Legacy verified accounts now would be required to pay for the subscription as well to keep the check mark.

Previously, Twitter used verification as a way to make sure accounts are matched with the actual people they are presenting as on the platform. When the subscription service first launched, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly was hit with a stock selloff after a user with a blue check spoofed its official account and announced that insulin would now be free of charge.

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