Joy Bauer, nutritional expert at The Today Show, shares her top three snacking tips to get you through the holidays. The founder of Nourish Snacks says that food between meals should be no more than 200 calories, made with nutrient rich ingredients, and should taste delicious. “If you’re not in the mood for carrots, nothing against carrots, they’re really good for you, or kale chips, you’re going to eat them and you’re not going to feel satisfied,” she says. “You’re going to be looking for something else after that.” The healthy and the “indulgent” snack industries have been playing tug of war, as more people are leaning towards healthy choices. Data firm Statista reports that in 2016, the U.S. healthy snack industry saw a 3.8 percent sales growth, while the indulgent industry only saw 3.4 percent growth in dollar sales. Bauer tells Cheddar that eating both healthy and delicious can be a challenge, so she wanted to create a snack brand that was not “punishingly healthy.” With Nourish Snacks, Bauer set out to marry the best of both worlds, healthy and tasty. “I know it’s ridiculously hard to give up the foods and the flavors that we love,” she says.

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