*By Samantha Errico* Former wide receiver Walter Powell Jr. played for three NFL teams over a span of four years. But now, a year into his retirement, he's decided to tackle a new challenge ー creating a more informed electorate. The athlete created a new an app, Politiscope, to educate political newcomers like Powell with a tool that "broke down politics so people like me could understand it," he told Cheddar Monday. Politiscope, which launched earlier this month, offers clear and unbiased political information. The app's design, which Powell formulated with his best friend and co-creator Jackson White, emulates football websites ー which list player "stats." Instead, Politiscope charts politicians' views ー determined by their "yay" and "nay" votes ー and career histories. The app even serves as a voting registering platform ー an extension of Powell's mission to boost engagement. "With the current state we're in now, we all got to care," Powell said. Politiscope is free and available in the IOS app store. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/why-this-former-nfl-players-next-act-is-a-political-app).

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