Facebook's loss might be proving to be Google's win. Just as Facebook is tweaking its news feed to weaken the emphasis on news, Google is capitalizing on it by winning a big share of traffic growth that publishers are seeing on their platforms. Sara Fischer, Media Reporter at Axios, was with us to discuss big tech's play on the shifting news industry. According to new data from Chartbeat, the vast majority of traffic growth publishers are seeing from platforms is now coming from Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Fischer said this is a big red flag for digital publishers to invest in Google AMP. Traffic to publishers using AMP is up 100% since 2017, according to the data. The head of its Journalism Project Campbell Brown said twice at Recode's Code Media conference on Monday that they should've been more transparent around experiments and tests. She said going forward, Google, Snapchat, and Twitter should learn from Facebook's experience. The best thing for these companies to do is to communicate goals with publishers, added Fischer.

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