*By: Madison Alworth* Fans of *Get Out* and *A Quiet Place* may have a new film to watch out for this summer. *Beach House* is an eerie thriller that turns innocent infatuation into a dangerous, maybe violent, game. The summer season is puttering along as usual for college student Emma, until an old friend of the family comes to town. "She finds herself in a situation where Paul, who's come to town, is mysterious and enchanting and yet potentially has committed murder and is here with sinister intentions," said actress Willa Fitzgerald, who plays Emma, in an interview with Cheddar. Fans can expect to question each turn of events as young Emma learns more of Paul's past. *Beach House* dials in the themes of thriller movies that have been rocking the box office. And according to Fitzgerald, it's not just that audiences are loving being scared ー nostalgia also strikes a cord. With countless reboots on the big and small screen, the movie takes advantage of this trend. "This film in particular pays a lot of homage to classic thriller and suspense movies, a lot of Hitchcock references in there," said Fitzgerald. "It's a 'looking back.' I feel like, is happening a lot in television right now. There's a really big focus on the '70s and '80s and that kind of stylistic tone." *Beach House* will be released on June 22nd. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/this-beach-house-is-set-to-thrill-viewers-this-summer).

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