*By Brian Henry* The Delaware Blue Coats will make their debut Wednesday night at the brand new Philadelphia 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington, Del., and the team will share the spotlight with an arena that boasts five stories, can seat 2,500 fans, and includes three NBA-regulation basketball courts. But flashy as the arena may be, it was designed with a less glamorous intention ー to promote youth sports in the state of Delaware and the greater Philadelphia region. "It's so different than anything that we've ever seen. On the other side of this basketball court in this arena we have a full-size football field, soccer field, lacrosse field, we have sports rehab," said Chris Heck, the president of the Philadelphia 76ers. "It's all geared towards youth. We have retail shops, concessions, there's parking gear," he added. According to Heck, the Fieldhouse is an ideal setup for an NBA development team like the Blue Coasts, members of the G League. Heck said the stadium is such a draw that "when we're at the 76ers \[home stadium\] we sell out every game. There's an incredible demand for tickets. This gives us an opportunity, right down the road, about 26 miles from South Philadelphia, in Wilmington, Delaware, to actually cater to our fans with our G league affiliate." Ninety-five percent of front row seats have already sold out for the season, which Heck attributes to the Fieldhouse. "Its small enough where it's going to be a hard ticket to get but it's also small enough where you can really be a part of the action." The 76ers Fieldhouse will also host adult leagues, tournaments, clinics, play-days and even serve as a concert venue. Eighteen of the Blue Coats' 24 home games will be played at new 76ers Fieldhouse for the remainder of 2018-19 season. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/the-delaware-blue-coats-unveil-76ers-fieldhouse-as-their-new-home).

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