There's a new luxury fashion line designed with women's empowerment in mind. Actress and producer Alysia Reiner joins Cheddar to discuss co-founding Livari, the waste-free, ethical new brand based in New York. She tells us all about the company's new pop-up store. Reiner reveals what inspired her to launch the company. She says it all started during the Women's March in January, when she discovered there was more she could do to give back to movements that inspire her. She shows off one of Livari's pieces which features an image of a spine to signify how women are the backbone of society. The "Orange Is the New Black" star also weighs in on how Hollywood is doing in its efforts to more accurately represent women on screen and behind the scenes. She says there is still lots of work to be done all across the industry. Reiner also discusses how her work on the Netflix series inspired her to work with formerly-incarcerated women on her new line.

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