Amazon is searching for a home for its second headquarters in North America. The company expects to create as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs, and cities are lining up to try and win over the tech giant. Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire joined us to share the state's strategy for bringing Amazon onto its home turf. Governor Sununu breaks down what New Hampshire has to offer that other states don't. He emphasizes that he doesn't need to offer big tax breaks like other places, because there is no income tax in New Hampshire. The Governor says Amazon would get all the "benefits of Greater Boston without all the headaches." Republicans are celebrating the passage of the tax reform bill, which will lower the corporate tax rate. Governor Sununu says this is "just a drop in the bucket" and is one of many factors going into New Hampshire's plan to get Amazon on board. He highlighted that Amazon won’t have to pay a penny for sales tax, resulting in hundreds of millions of extra dollars saved.

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