While the GOP’s $1.5 trillion overhaul of the tax code is controversial, New Hampshire’s Governor says the bill fits the Granite State. “Middle-income America really takes the advantage of income benefit,” Governor Chris Sununu told Cheddar Monday. The Republican Governor says that he doesn’t agree with everything in the plan, such as the removal of student tax reduction, and will push for it to be included in the final bill. Sununu says it’s disheartening that the Democratic party is not contributing to the bill, as no Democrat voted in favor of the bill. “New Hampshire is a state where our students typically have a high level of debt,” he said. But, he adds, “it doesn’t mean that if we don’t get it, we are going to be against the entire bill.” Many Democrats argue that the tax plan will destroy the American middle class and have nicknamed the bill “the Republican Tax Scam.” Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement that said that Congress should scrap the bill and start over. “In the middle of the night, Senate Republicans sealed their betrayal of the American middle class. Tens of millions of middle class families will be slapped with a tax hike, just so Republicans can give a handout to their billionaire and corporate donor friends,” Pelosi said. “Americans will face higher premiums or go uninsured, watch more good-paying jobs shipped overseas, and see crushing debt dumped onto their children’s future.” Despite the naysayers, the bill moved forward as the Senate voted 51-49 pro tax plan this past week, exactly a month after the bill was introduced to the House. Congress will now reconcile both bills via a committee tasked with negotiating differences. Sununu is happy with Congress moving the bill forward. “I’m very confident that what has been passed is good,” he said. “From here it can potentially only get better.” For full interview [click here.] ( https://cheddar.com/videos/how-millennials-are-helping-to-fight-the-opioid-epidemic-in-new-hampshire)

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