Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, co-hosts and executive producers of MTV's Catfish, discuss the upcoming season of the show that goes behind the scenes of Max's home life, and sees a few dark twists and turns along the way. Nev notes that he never imagined his life to go the direction it has, or that the show would be celebrating it's 100th episode this upcoming season. Nev starred in the "Catfish" documentary film, in which he met a woman online who did not turn out to be the person she said she was, ultimately spawning the MTV series. Max talks about how the deception has increased over the years as the show has become more prominent. There are more lies, more deception, and sometimes more than one Catfish that the two co-hosts are tasked with uncovering. When it comes to meeting online, Max says that people over-estimate the physical chemistry between two people - the way someone smells, the way their mouth moves. Even if you connect mentally, that physical aspect could be missing when you finally meet in person. Nev talks his own mishaps with dating apps, noting the importance of doing your own research on the people you're speaking to.

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