*By Tim Stenovec* Sorry, Doogie Howser fans – the chances of a reboot of the 80s sitcom aren’t looking great. “I suppose anything could happen, but the whole conceit of that show was that he was a child who was a super smart doctor,” Neil Patrick Harris recently told Cheddar. Reboots are, of course, all the rage right now – “Murphy Brown,” “Full House,” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” and “Twin Peaks” are among the once-defunct TV series being re-imagined for a new age. Networks and streaming services alike are trying to appeal to our sense of nostalgia to attract eyeballs. And in many cases it's worked ー the reboot of [“Rosanne” garnered huge ratings](https://twitter.com/koblin/status/980818757793779714) before ABC canceled it earlier this year. But don’t worry – Harris, who also spent nine seasons starring in “How I Met Your Mother,” hasn’t ruled out a return to Broadway. Harris told Cheddar that there’s a chance he’ll go back to the stage when his kids ー a set of seven-year-old twins ー are older. “Our kids are the perfect age right now to just spend a ton of time with them,” he said, adding that the grueling Broadway schedule ーeight shows each week, including two matinees ー would only allow him to put his kids to bed one night each week. Harris won a Tony Award in 2014 for Best Leading Actor in a Musical for his role as the title character in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch." He’s currently starring as Count Olaf in the Netflix original series “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” For the full segment, [click here.](https://cheddar.com/videos/will-neil-patrick-harris-ever-reboot-doogie-howser)

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