Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Thursday, August 5, 2021:


The White House is taking the first steps toward requiring almost all foreign travelers coming into the country to be vaccinated, part of a broader plan to start lifting the travel restrictions that currently ban much of the world from entering the U.S. The WHO is calling for a moratorium on vaccine booster shots until the end of September so that poorer countries where demand still outstrips supply can inoculate more of their populations. Countries in Africa have given just five doses per 100 people, compared to 85 doses per 100 people in North America. REUTERS


District attorneys in Manhattan and several other New York counties have started the process of gathering information for possible criminal investigations into the conduct of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The New York governor is losing his last bastion of supporters as he faces the likelihood of impeachment proceedings in the state assembly. He has not made any statements or been seen in public since denying the allegations in the state AG's report. NY TIMES


The U.S. men’s basketball team came from behind to beat Australia and will play in the gold medal game, while the U.S. women’s soccer team beat Australia to win the bronze this morning. On the track, Team USA failed to qualify for the men’s 4x100 relay after botching a baton pass, the latest mishap in an event the U.S. men had dominated for decades. In the water, American Nevin Harrison, 19, won gold in the first-ever women’s canoe 200m. ESPN


The government of Mexico has filed a lawsuit against American gun manufacturers, accusing them of facilitating the smuggling of weapons used by Mexican drug cartels. It’s the first time a foreign government has sued U.S. gun companies. The $10 billion civil suit argues that companies like Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Colt negligently allow their products to be trafficked to Mexico, where 70% of guns that are smuggled in come from the U.S. The lawsuit faces long odds because of a federal law that shields gun companies from liability when their products are used to commit crimes. WSJ


The summer of misery in the skies seems to be getting worse. Spirit Airlines has cancelled 40% of today’s flights after cancelling half of Wednesday’s service. The budget carrier is dealing with a perfect storm of disruptions: IT outages, bad weather, and worker shortages all coming during peak demand. American Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights earlier this week, partially due to an inability to book flight crews during layovers after the company outsourced that process. Some flight attendants have been sleeping at airport baggage claims, their union said. Industry analysts say the airlines overshot the mark by severely cutting overhead during the worst of the pandemic and failing to anticipate the rebound in demand. NBC NEWS


WhatsApp will now let you send photos and videos that disappear after they’ve been seen. The “View Once” feature automatically deletes a photo or video from the chat after it's been viewed, so the image won’t be stored in the chat log or on your camera roll. The Facebook-owned app is marketing the option as a privacy enhancement to go with its disappearing message feature. But like vanishing pics and videos on other social media apps, there will be nothing stopping a user from taking a screenshot or screen recording to preserve the content. MASHABLE


Jeopardy! may have found its new host. The quiz show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, is reportedly in advanced negotiations to become the late Alex Trebek’s permanent replacement. A final decision has not been made, but execs at Sony Television were said to be impressed with Richards’ on-air manner and his experience as a veteran game show producer, and he has vaulted over LeVar Burton, Ken Jennings, and others to be the most likely to get the gig. VARIETY


Rihanna is now officially a billionaire, thanks to her extraordinarily profitable cosmetics line. Forbes estimates Rihanna is worth $1.7 billion, making her the richest female musician in the world and the second richest female entertainer, behind Oprah. The vast majority of RiRi’s wealth comes from her 50% stake in Fenty Beauty, which she launched in 2017 to instant success. The rest comes from her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, and her earnings as a performer. FORBES


…Prince Harry, showing off his juggling skills in the background of Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday video, in which the Duchess of Sussex announces a new mentorship program for women re-entering the workforce: SEE IT

...a new Obama family photo, posted by Michelle to mark the former president’s 60th birthday. The Obamas were planning a huge bash at their estate in Martha’s Vineyard this weekend but scaled it back due to the rebound of Covid cases: SEE IT


HBO does not have a particularly good track record when it comes to spinoffs and sequels on the big screen (see: the Entourage movie, the Sex and the City movies). The upcoming Sopranos sequel could be different. The first previews for The Many Saints of Newark are starting to come in, and the buzz is building. One journalist who saw the flick says HBO “nails” the Tony Soprano origin story, featuring the late James Gandolfini’s real-life son playing the future mob boss. BLOOMBERG

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