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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Monday, January 10, 2022:


But not in a tournament this time. Novak Djokovic will be able to stay in Australia, according to the judge overseeing his case. Judge Anthony Kelly overturned the decision to revoke Djokovic’s visa on the basis that Djokovic was not given sufficient time to respond following the cancellation of his visa. No sign of the top tennis player as of yet, but the judge’s order specified he be released from the immigration center he has been detained in within half an hour of the ruling. While Djokovic is off this time, Australia’s immigration minister can still cancel his visa on new grounds. BBC


One of the deadliest fires in New York City’s history left 19 people dead, including nine children, and more than 60 injured. Authorities say the five-alarm fire in a Bronx highrise started with a faulty space heater and spread across hallways and units after a door was left open late Sunday morning. Several residents said they initially ignored the smoke alarms because they were common in the 120-unit building. AP


Bob Saget, a stand-up comedian and actor known for his role as Danny Tanner on Full House, was found dead in an Orlando hotel on Sunday. The Philadelphia native got his start with a stint on CBS’ The Morning Program in 1987, just before landing his breakout role in the popular family sitcom. He gained more fame as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, although he was also known for his raunchy stand-up performances. So far, no word on his cause of death.  FOX 35


Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing a victory lap for helping the president of Kazakhstan crush major protests over fuel prices and overall dissatisfaction with the country’s authoritarian government. At least 164 people were killed in last week’s protests after President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev authorized a shoot-to-kill order for police in what he considered a coup attempt. REUTERS


The U.S. and its allies are preparing a series of sanctions in case Russia invades Ukraine. The set of financial, technology and military deterrents, which includes cutting Russia’s largest financial institutions from global transactions, is being compiled in the hopes of deterring Moscow and Vladimir Putin from seizing parts of Ukraine. Talks between the U.S. and Russia begin today with additional talks planned for later in the week. NY TIMES


The tallest Galapagos Island volcano erupted over the weekend, spewing ash and lava into the Pacific Ocean. While not a threat to humans or local species, the eruption from Wolf Volcano created a cloud of ash that rose 12,000 above sea level, causing eight people to evacuate. Ecuador’s Emergency Operations Committee is monitoring the eruption, in hopes that the lava does not flow to neighboring communities. THE HILL


Add to our list of growing COVID fears: croup. The barking cough is being found in children ages 5 and under who test positive for COVID’s Omicron variant. This is because Omicron typically settles higher in the respiratory tract rather than deeper in the lungs, doctors say. While croup’s harsh cough can be scary to hear for parents, the infection generally clears up in a few days. NBC NEWS 


Reducing meat consumption in 2022? KFC’s new "chicken" item may help you meet your goals. Starting today the OG fried-chicken chain, in partnership with Beyond Meat, will begin offering faux-chicken nuggets in the U.S. for a limited time. KFC first tested the plant-based alternative in Atlanta in 2019, with the chicken nuggets selling out in hours. Vegan? Then you might want to skip this one, as KFC officials note the nuggets are still going to be cooked in fryers with other meat-based chicken. SACRAMENTO


…Gigi Hadid or Ariana Grande? The model flaunted a mile-high ponytail, much like the pop star's signature style, in two new Instagram pics. CHECK THEM OUT

…Adele posted a photo of what’s to come in her new music video for “Oh My God,” set to be released this Wednesday. CHECK IT OUT


New Norwegian soldiers will be issued used underwear, thanks to the worldwide supply chain mess. Troops leaving the service will now be made to turn in their skivvies and socks to pass along to the next generation of protectors. An Army spokesman said clothes in "good condition" will be washed, cleaned and passed along. INSIDER

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