These are the headlines you Need 2 Know. * **Trump in North Korea: The Visit:** President Trump became the first sitting American president to step foot in North Korea, after a last-minute visit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Sunday in the Demilitarized Zone. Trump had tossed the idea out for a spontaneous meeting on Twitter, and it was unclear if Kim would show up. But he did, and the two leaders agreed to resume the nuclear talks that had been stalled since the last summit in Hanoi collapsed. Trump said “stepping across that line was a great honor.” [NY Times]( * **Trump in North Korea: Media Scuffle:** Newly-minted White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham reportedly suffered bruises amid a scuffle with North Korean security guards, as she was fighting for access for American press. Some of the commotion was caught on video. [Media Scuffle]( * **Plane Crush:** Ten people were killed when a turboprop private plane crashed into an airport hanger and burst into flames in Addison, Tex., north of Dallas. Eight passengers and two crew members were on board, according to the NTSB. None of the victims have been identified. [CNN]( * **Obit: Luis Alvarez:** Luis Alvarez, a 9/11 responder who fought for funding for the Victim Compensation Fund during the last days of his life, has died. He was 53. Alvarez, a former NYPD detective who had 9/11-related cancer, recently testified before lawmakers alongside advocate Jon Stewart and other responders. Shortly after testifying, he went into hospice care. [CBS News]( * **Return to Oregon:** Nine of 12 Oregon Republican lawmakers returned to the state’s Senate Saturday, ending a walkout over a landmark climate change law. Some of the lawmakers had left the state to avoid voting on the legislation, prompting the state’s governor to call on the state police to search for them. Their return came after the president of the Senate said Democrats didn’t have the votes to pass the bill. [NBC News]( * **Hair Discrimination:** California could become the first state to ban hair discrimination -- if the governor signs a bill that state lawmakers recently passed. The CROWN (Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair) Act bans employers from discriminating against workers with natural hair, largely seen as a measure to protect African-Americans who have been discriminated against for braids and dreadlocks. [NPR]( * **Label Acquisition:** Scooter Braun, the celebrity talent manager behind Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and other pop megastars, acquired Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift’s former label, for $300 million. Swift left Nashville-based Big Machine last year but her six-album catalog is owned by the label. She said she was not given an opportunity to buy the rights to her masters and the deal was her “worst case scenario,” leaving her “sad and grossed out.” [WSJ]( * **Sports: NBA:** The free agency period opened with a major deal: the Brooklyn Nets will sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan -- three of the league’s biggest stars -- in a bid to become a new powerhouse in the Eastern Conference. [ESPN]( * **Sports: MLB:** The first-ever London Series made for some wild baseball, with the Red Sox and Yankees combining for 50 runs over two games at London Stadium -- the first MLB games to be played on European soil. The Yankees won both. [BBC]( * **Spotted:** Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Yankee-Sox game in London, where they met with players from both teams, who presented gifts for baby Archie. [See pics]( * **Love is in the Air: Jonas/Turner:** Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have tied the knot for a second time at a chateau in France. The singer and Game of Thrones actress were first married in a ceremony in Las Vegas. [People]( * **Love is in the Air: Kravitz/Gusman:** Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman married in Paris over the weekend, reportedly for the second time. The Big Little Lies actress and Glusman, also an actor, had many celebrity guests at their nuptials. [US Weekly]( * **Love is in the Air: Foster/McPhee:** David Foster and Katharine McPhee were wed in an extravagant London ceremony. Foster, a record producer and composer, produced the American Idol alum’s first song 13 years ago. [See pics]( * **Las Vegas Tix:** The Las Vegas City Council has come up with an unusual way to pay for parking tickets: with school supplies. Lawmakers have approved a month-long program that lets people pay for tickets by buying school supplies worth as much as (or more than) the ticket, in lieu of a monetary payment. [CNN]( Cheddar's Hena Doba gets into the latest. Subscribe to the Need 2 Know newsletter [here]( and listen to our morning podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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