These are the headlines you Need 2 Know. * **Trump to Face Florence:** As of Wednesday morning, the storm's death toll sits at 37, and thousands of people are still in shelters while flooding remains a serious concern. President Trump is expected to arrive in Havelock, N.C., on Wednesday to survey the hurricane’s damage. The president's trip follows widespread criticism of his handling of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year and his disputing of the storm’s devastating death toll. Read more [here]( * **Kavanaugh Accuser Requests FBI Investigation:** Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, said she has recently become the target of “vicious threats and harassment.” Blasey Ford has requested that the FBI investigate her allegations before testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. A hearing had been scheduled for next Monday. Her lawyers asked for a full investigation to ensure non-partisan evidence-gathering ahead of Monday’s scheduled hearing. Read more [here]( * **North and South Korea's Agreement:** South Korean President Moon Jae In and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un unveiled a new nuclear agreement on Wednesday after a two-day meeting in Pyongyang. Kim said he plans to shut down North Korea’s nuclear complex, halt missile testing, and cease hostile acts toward South Korea, marking the first time the leader has charted a plan for denuclearization. The pair said they will turn the Korean peninsula into a “land of peace without nuclear weapons,” and they aim to co-host the 2032 Olympics. The shutdown of North Korea’s nuclear facilities will set a peaceful standard that the U.S. can hopefully follow, Moon said. Read more [here]( * **Wall Street on the Up and Up:** The average pay on Wall Street jumped 13 percent last year to $422,500, including bonuses. But the highest pay in New York State can actually be found in Suffolk County, the eastern half of Long Island, where many hedge funds are located. Securities workers make up less than 5 percent of the city’s private sector employees but account for 21 percent of revenue. “Wall Street has profited every year since the end of the recession in 2009. And compensation last year reached its highest point since the financial crisis,” said New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Read more [here]( * **Twitter Going Back to Basics:** The social media platform announced this week it will soon let users choose between a chronological news feed or its current format that prioritizes popular tweets with high engagement numbers. Twitter used to sort posts by most recent when it first debuted but adopted the algorithmic formula in 2016. Read more [here]( * **Pittsburgh Steelers Scandal:** Antonio Brown, the Steelers’ star wide receiver, reportedly missed practice on Monday without permission. Brown had a sideline confrontation with the offensive coordinator during Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, tweeting after the game, “Trade me let’s find out.” Brown’s agent later said that he missed practice for a personal matter, and he is not requesting a trade. He is expected to be present at Wednesday’s workday. Read more [here]( * **SNL Has Big Shoes to Fill:** NBC announced that Adam Driver will host the Season 44 premiere of “Saturday Night Live” on Sept. 29. It'll be the second time for the “Star Wars” and “BlacKkKlansman” actor, who will be joined by musical guest Kanye West, appearing for his seventh time. Whether the duo can maintain the variety show's momentum remains to be seen ー SNL has seen a surge in viewers over the past two years, with last year's season being the most-watched since 1995 and earning 21 Emmy nominations. Read more [here]( * **Julie Chen Exits ‘The Talk':** Les Moonves's wife announced during an emotional pre-recorded interview on Tuesday that she will step down from her co-hosting position on “The Talk.” Chen, who has been with the CBS show since it premiered in 2010, choked back tears as she discussed her decision to leave, which she said was to spend more time with her family. Chen's husband resigned earlier this month as CEO of CBS, which broadcasts "The Talk", after over 12 women accused him of sexual assault and harassment. Chen will remain the host of long-running show “Big Brother,” also on the network. Read more [here]( * **Debate Over ‘Bert & Ernie’ Put to Rest:** Former Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman has confirmed that Bert and Ernie are gay. In the interview with Queerty that was released Sunday, Saltzman said: “I always felt that without a huge agenda, when I was writing Bert & Ernie, they were.” But Sesame Workshop, the educational group behind the show, has pushed back on Saltzman’s claims and said, “Even though they are identified as male characters… they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.” Read more [here]( * **Gaming v. Marriage?** According to new research, at least 200 couples in the UK who filed for divorce this year cited a partner’s “Fortnite” addiction as the reason for their separation. See the story on [Cheddar]( Cheddar's Tim Stenovec gets into the latest. Subscribe to the Need 2 Know newsletter [here](

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