These are the headlines you Need 2 Know. * **FBI Investigation on Kavanaugh Concludes:** The White House has reviewed the FBI’s supplementary background check and has reportedly not found any evidence to corroborate the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced late Wednesday that a procedural vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation will happen on Friday. Senators will review the FBI supplemental background information on Kavanaugh in the interim; undecided Republicans like Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have said that the report will significantly factor into their votes. Lawyers for one of Kavanaugh's accusers, Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, said they are “profoundly disappointed” that the FBI did not interview Ford ー or other witnesses who could corroborate her testimony ー during the investigation. Read more [here]( * **Connie Chung Publishes Open Letter to Ford:** The legendary broadcast journalist released an open letter addressed to Prof. Ford on Wednesday, revealing that she was sexually assaulted 50 years ago by a trusted family doctor who delivered her. Chung said in the letter: “I am writing to you because I know that exact dates, exact years are insignificant. We remember exactly what happened to us and who did it to us. We remember the truth forever.” Read the full letter [here]( * **A Shooting in South Carolina:** One law enforcement officer died and six others were wounded in a two-hour standoff in Florence County, S.C. on Wednesday night. The incident began around 4 pm EST when investigators attempted to serve a warrant to the suspect, who was holding children hostage in his home and began shooting when officers arrived. The children were unharmed, and the suspect eventually surrendered after speaking with a negotiator. The fallen officer is 52-year old Terrence Carraway, a 30-year vet of the Florence Police Department. Read more [here]( * **Another Disaster in Indonesia:** A volcano erupted Wednesday on the same central Indonesian island that was struck last Friday by an earthquake and a tsunami. Mount Soputan on the northern part of Sulawesi island spewed ash almost 20,000 feet in the air, but no residential areas are in any immediate danger. The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami has reached 1,400 people. Experts said the eruption may have been spurred by last week's earthquake, but can’t confirm a direct link. Read more [here]( * **Toys 'R' Us Won't Quit:** A group of investors in the old Toys “R” Us business said in a bankruptcy court filing this week that the company is canceling an auction for its assets and instead will attempt to revive its business. The chain is reportedly launching a wholesale venture called Geoffrey’s Toy Box, based on the store’s giraffe mascot. The concept was introduced to manufacturers and sellers Tuesday at the Fall Toy Preview in Dallas and is currently being operated out of the Toys “R” Us headquarters in Wayne, N.J. Read more [here]( * **Honda + GM = Self-Driving Cars:** The two automakers announced on Wednesday that they are entering a partnership to build an autonomous vehicle for “large-scale deployment.” Honda will take a stake in GM’s Cruise unit, and together, the companies will spend billions to build the vehicle from scratch. In an interview on Cheddar, Cruise CEO and co-founder Kyle Vogt said, “This is a great deal on the path to deploying self-driving cars at scale.” Read more on [here]( * **Yankees Advance:** The New York baseball team beat the Oakland Athletics 7-2 in the AL Wild Card Game on Wednesday night. The Yankees will advance to the ALDS to face its rival, the Boston Red Sox. Read about the latest in the league [here]( * **Rani (Pronounced Ronnie):** Actress Kate Hudson gave birth to a baby girl, Rani Rose, on Tuesday ー her first daughter and first child with her boyfriend, musician Danny Fujikawa. Hudson announced the birth on Instagram and revealed that her daughter is named after Fujikawa's father Ron. See the post [here]( * **Netflix Reboots:** The streaming service has closed a multi-year deal with the C.S. Lewis Company to develop series and film projects based on the “Chronicles of Narnia” books. Netflix is also releasing a darker version of the 90s sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” called “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” The spooky new series follows a girl who is torn between her powers and life as a regular teen when she turns 16. See the trailer [here]( * **A Controversial Bagel:** Apple announced it’s adding 70 new emojis to the upcoming iOS 12.1 update, slated for release this month. Among the forthcoming emojis are a swan, a llama, a lobster, and a bagel. Many New Yorkers have expressed their distaste on social media for the bagel emoji. Read more [here]( Cheddar's Jill Wagner gets into the latest. Subscribe to the Need 2 Know newsletter [here](

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