*By Britt Terrell* Hit MTV shows like Daria, The Real World, and Aeon Flux are all getting a reboot for streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Apple. And they're all coming out of a new venture, 'MTV Studios,' which launched this week as the network looks to tap into the growing trend of 'Nostalgia TV'. "There are so many people vying for everyone's time and money and attention," said Jessica Derschowitz, senior digital news editor at Entertainment Weekly. "You have the choice of pitching a new show that may or may not hit, or you can say, 'Hey guys, we're going to bring back Jersey Shore with the original cast,' that's what's going to get people's attention." And the MTV titles aren't the only ones to get new life. "Take a look at 'Queer Eye' which is a show that aired on Bravo back when it was in its original incarnation," Derschowitz said. "You take a property that people know and you're rebooting it, but it's giving it a more relevant, modern sort of twist." MTV Studios' strategy could help further grow viewership. According to [Deadline](https://deadline.com/2018/06/mtv-studios-daria-made-real-world-aeon-flux-revivals-1202414792/), prime time viewership is up 21 percent from last year, making it the fastest-growing network on TV. Growth is even stronger in the streaming space, up 83 percent so far in 2018 with nearly 3 billion streams this year. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/mtvs-return-to-nostalgia).

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