MoviePass announced at Sundance that it will officially get into the film rights business. MoviePass Ventures will acquire film rights and build out their offerings, and they have started scouting at the festival. Ted Farnsworth is the chairman and CEO of Helios and Matheson, the parent company of MoviePass. He joins Cheddar from Sundance to explain the new initiative. Farnsworth says this has been the plan since day one. When the announcement was made at Sundance, it immediately became a big buzz. Farnsworth says MoviePass is, "totally disrupting the whole market." MoviePass has already started to bid on some products at Sundance. When asked if MoviePass intends to increase the price above $10, Farnsworth says he is happy with where it is now. Growth has been strong and there is no advertising, so growth has been completed from word of mouth. Farnsworth explains that MoviePass may look into more premium membership plans, but are keeping the price where it is for now. MoviePass' focus for now: continue to build their subscription base.

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