It's déjà vu in Washington D.C. as another memo and another government shutdown loom over the world of politics. Rare Politics' Jack Hunter joins Cheddar to break down whether Democrats will release their own memo about the FBI. He considers what's at stake for both parties as the politicization of the intelligence community continues into a second week. President Trump said he felt "vindicated" by the release of Rep. Devin Nunes' (R-CA) disputed memo. The editor explains how politicians from both sides of the aisle are reacting to the statement. He also assesses the D.C. landscape as the government hurdles into yet another funding deadline. Hunter gives his prediction as to whether both sides will be able to agree on a DACA deal by week's end. He also reveals how he thinks Speaker Paul Ryan handled the controversy surrounding his $1.50 tweet over the weekend. He deleted the tweet after touting the tax plan for saving some Americans $1.50 a week.

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