While music legend Moby may be best known for his influence on the 1990s dance music scene, one thing matters to him more than selling more than 20 million records worldwide: animal rights.

“Honestly, it's my life's work,” Moby told Cheddar News. “I care about animal rights more than I care about my career, more than I care about myself, because it doesn't make any sense to continue to use animals for food and fashion.”

Moby’s directorial debut, “Punk Rock Vegan Movie,” explores the connection between punk music and veganism. The musician, who became a vegan in 1987, started out in punk bands before transitioning to electronic music, and found a strong connection between the genre and activism.

“Apart from a few, old recovering punk rockers like myself, very few people were aware of the fact that a lot of the current animal rights movement came from punk rock,” he said. “A lot of my friends, my civilian friends, think that punk rock is noise and chaos and anarchy. And, there are elements of noise, chaos and anarchy to it. But as you know, a lot of punk rock is incredibly principled.” 

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