Microsoft is funnelling $50 million over the next five years into its A.I. for Earth program. The program, which focuses on climate change, agriculture, water, and biodiversity, has awarded over 35 grants in more than 10 countries since its July rollout. Lucas Joppa, Microsoft's Chief Environmental Scientist, says that to compliment its efforts, the company is also building a team of sustainability and artificial intelligence professionals. “The most scarce resources out there is access to A.I. experts,” Joppa told Cheddar. “So we wanted to put those people in direct partnership with the organizations that we’re working with.” The announcement comes on the second anniversary of the Paris Climate Accord. Companies and governments alike met in Paris this week to discuss climate change issues. While President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Treaty, Joppa says that Microsoft remains committed to the cause. “We’re one of the early signatories to the ‘We’re Still In’ pledge,” he said, referring to the coalition of U.S. cities, companies and other group who have publicly stated they are still supporting the treaty in spite of President’s decision to withdraw. “We’re still committed to using our organizations to drive towards the goal of the Paris Climate Accord.” For full interview [click here] (

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