Kentucky's long history of bourbon production is mostly dominated by male executives, but that's changing, thanks to one distillery. Michter's Distillery's Andrea Wilson joins Cheddar to discuss what it took to crash one of the spirit industry's most notorious boys' clubs. Wilson, the Master of Maturation at Michter's, tells us about her career milestones, including becoming the first woman to chair the Kentucky Distillers' Association. Next, Wilson explains bourbon's significance to Kentucky's economy. She says we're in the midst of a bourbon boom; production is up 250% since 1999. The signature spirit is an $8.5 billion industry for the Bluegrass State. Finally, Wilson leads us through a tasting of some of Michter's types of bourbon. She explains the differences behind the many aged varieties to come out of the distillery. She also reveals why bourbon makes such a good fit for the holiday season and cold weather.

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