*By Kate Gill* Jonah Larson has threaded a small empire with his even smaller hands. The 11-year-old Wisconsin native and crocheting prodigy who learned his craft at age five has a massive following online (40,000 and counting) through his viral [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/jonahhands/) account. He even has a business manager ー his mother, Jennifer Larson. But Jonah, who captured the internet's fickle attention with his elaborate creations, isn't motivated by fame or money. (Although he does take commissions.) "I just sit back and relax, and that helps calm me," he told Cheddar Big News. "And the best part is, I get to sit by my mom and spend quality time with her, and she can teach me important life lessons." As with any prodigy, practice is essential. But Jonah admitted his practicing fluctuates with the seasons. During the winter, he crochets roughly five hours a day, "because I kind of hunker down," he said. "But in the summer, I'm usually outside, playing sports," he added. What's his item of choice to crochet? "If I had to choose, it would be afghans," he said.

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