*By Amanda Weston* The star of Netflix's "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" is inspiring viewers to de-clutter and slim down their homes and closets, and perhaps their shopping bags, too. "It's a feel-good show, so not only are viewers connecting with it and then inspired to purge their closets, but also to rethink their spending habits altogether," Rachel King, editor at Fortune, told Cheddar Thursday. Kondo's "KonMari" method places an emphasis on [sentimental value](http://fortune.com/2019/01/18/marie-kondo-konmari-retail/). For some, this may result in a newfound focus on fewer, higher-quality pieces of clothing instead of cheap "fast fashion" from stores like H&M and Forever 21. King also said those who deal with clutter at home don't want to see a mess when they go out. "We all know what sometimes shopping at these fast fashion retailers can be like, especially on a weekend, it's just like piles of clothes everywhere," King said. "So it's going to take a lot of work not only just to rethink that shopping experience, but also then to communicate that to consumers to get them to actually come in." Whether fast fashion giants will take a significant hit as a result of Kondo's tidy method has yet to be seen, but the show's popularity is undeniable. "I think what hits a nerve or what strikes people and is so special about this show is it's really accessible regardless of household or income," King said. "I mean, we all have things that we'd like to reorganize or cut back on." For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/marie-kondos-tidying-method-may-affect-fast-fashion-mentality).

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