*By Tracey Cheek* In anticipation of Valentine's Day, Lush Cosmetics is getting sardonic. And to inject some humor into the holiday, the company is releasing a new line of bath bombs inspired by two of the internet's most suggestive emojis ー the eggplant and the peach. “We decided to take a cheekier approach this year, \[and\] moved away from the more serious side of Valentine’s Day ー and instead, embrace sort of today's modern love language, so to speak,” said Brandi Halls, the company's director of brand communication. “We’re seeing some inspiration from our product line from dating in 2019, and often we’re seeing emojis are speaking volumes in dating in today's world.” According to Match.com’s annual Singles in America study, daters who use emojis frequently are more likely to have a successful romantic life. Halls said that immediately after Lush teased the products through its social channels, the company saw "a tremendous response, positive response from our fans." “They’re laughing alongside with us. It’s kind of unavoidable this day and age to not address the way that people are communicating with one another," she said. "And because we invent all of our products in-house, we thought, why not have fun with it?” Increasingly, beauty companies are making the push to produce cruelty-free and vegan items. According to Halls, Lush is following industry trends and developing more eco-friendly products. “You’re going to see that we continue to push the envelope by way of product invention, so we’re continuing to innovate around naked, un-packaged products, trying to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in a landfill,” Hall said. She added that in Berlin and Milan, the company launched naked shops, which only sell unpackaged products to reduce waste. Hall said that Lush is looking to bring more naked shops to North America sometime this year. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/lush-cosmetics-bringing-big-bath-bomb-energy).

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