Crypto enthusiasts, beware! The digital assets shouldn’t be used as a “get rich quick” scheme, according to LitePay CEO Kenneth Asare. They’re also not meant to replace traditional currencies or investments like stocks. What blockchain technology is, though, is the “internet of money”. Asare compares it to the 1990s, when internet systems were being built. “This is the very beginning of a new way of sharing and transferring value,” he told Cheddar Tuesday. “This is the first part of a very long road that goes from 300 million people being able to be banked to everybody with a cell phone being able to be banked, which is literally 5 billion people today.” Asare’s comments come days before cryptocurrency Litecoin is set to roll out its payment processor LitePay to 41 countries. The service target individuals who are “unbanked” but who have access to a cellular device. The new system can ease volatility in the market by automatically converting crypto into local fiat currency. But Asare points out that current volatility shouldn’t make players in the market nervous, since cryptocurrency, like the internet two decades ago, is still in its early stages and may need some time to iron out fluctuations. “This would be like in 1990 talking about how the early internet companies were or were not working,” he said. “They were onto something, and now we can look back and see that we have all of these products that have been built on top of it.” For full interview, [click here](

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