Lenovo is betting on the boom in voice assistants. “I think voice is becoming naturally prevalent, just as touch is becoming prevalent on laptops,” Dilip Bhatia, the company’s VP of Marketing told Cheddar. “In the future you’ll see many voice engines, whether it’s Alexa or whether it’s Cortana. This is the wave of the future and many products will support this going forward.” The Chinese electronics giant is trying to get ahead of the curve by integrating the technology into its products. The company unveiled its third such device, a laptop that supports Amazon Alexa, this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Lenovo Yoga ships in April. Bhatia acknowledges that people may not currently be using voice assistants to their fullest potential, but expanding into visual applications could change that. He highlights a recent partnership with Google. “I believe the Lenovo Smart Display takes it to a new level,” he said. “While voice is great, how great is it when you can basically say...‘Hey, Google, Play the highlights from last night’s NBA game,’ or, ‘Show me how to put such-and-such recipe [together].’” For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/lenovo-goes-big-with-voice).

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