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Cryptocurrency trading has been a trending topic as of late, highlighting some major opportunities to make money. In fact, Bitcoin finally hit $60,000 last weekend. Even the creative industry has made its way into the crypto space, with artists and musicians recently releasing NFTs and digital artwork

Don’t get left behind – if you already have some knowledge of these concepts, take your skills to the next level through the Quantitative Crypto Trading Strategies for Intermediate to Advanced Learners Bundle. Designed to help you master this fast-paced business, you’ll learn how to implement automated trading using different algorithms and Python programming language to get a leg up on the competition. 

Take a deep dive into crypto trading strategies through two 4-star courses: one on the intermediate level and the other covering more advanced topics. Perfect for programmers and quants alike, you’ll be taught how to create three intraday trading strategies in Python. Then, learn to implement automated trading, including how to use techniques like machine learning and statistical arbitrage. 

To ensure your knowledge is well-rounded, you’ll take a 4.5-star rated course on quantitative trading strategies and models. Learn to differentiate between quantitative trading and technical trading as well as how to code different trading strategies based on technical indicators. You’ll also apply your learnings to live markets, giving you an opportunity to get real-life analysis experience before putting any money in. By the end of the lessons, you will understand what models (read: acronyms) like ARIMA, GARCH, and BSM Options represent.

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