Ever wonder what it’s like to work with the reality TV star and business mogul? Diana Madison, who co-executive produces Lifetime’s upcoming “Glam Masters” series with Kim Kardashian, told Cheddar that she’s fueled by passion. “Kim’s amazing. She’s a true entrepreneur, she’s a hard worker,” Madison told Cheddar. “To be able to be on her level, because she’s so successful, it’s because she has really good work ethic.” The duo have been friends for 10 years, and working on the makeup competition seemed like a natural fit. “Glam Masters”, which is hosted by Emmy nominee Laverne Cox, also features a roster of judges that includes makeup legend Mario Dedivanovic, known for his @makeupbymario brand. Madison, who also hosts the YouTube series “The Lowdown With Diana Madison”, says the new show was inspired by comments from her own personal makeup artists, who said they dreamed of one day collaborating with Kim Kardashian. She saw that as a business opportunity. “I thought to myself: wait, there’s a show here,” she said. “All these Instagram artists have a secret competition online to be discovered by Kim. This should be a show!” The “Glam Masters” winner gets to work on a makeup line with Kardashian. The eight-episode series premieres on Lifetime Wednesday, February 28, at 10 pm ET. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/from-instagram-to-master-of-glam).

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