It has been a pretty busy year for the once again new mom Kelly Rowland. The superstar singer gave birth to her second child in January and released the long awaited ep titled 'K' just a month later.

"Obviously, it was quite a lengthy process as it's taken me six, almost seven years to put it out, but it's definitely one that's been exciting, one that's been definitely a journey," Rowland told Cheddar.

Perhaps one of the most acclaimed tracks from the EP is Black Magic, in which the music video features Rowland alongside both of her boys Noah and Titan. Rowland said it was important for her to celebrate the beauty and magic of being Black.

"I thought about how many times I've been inspired by, whether it's Black history or my fellow Black family, Black boy joy, Black girl magic, just celebrating that joy. And of course, my sons are my joy and definitely putting them to work to be in the video," she said.

For Rowland's youngest, Noah, being in front of the camera and going to work at mom's music video shoot is really just a normal, everyday thing. Rowland even hosted her family on Zoom during his birth since COVID restrictions forced them to stay away from the hospital.

"My family was with me the first time with my birth with Titan, and with Noah, I was going to miss them being in the room so I set up a zoom call," she said. 

"It was such a beautiful moment."

As the country gets back on track toward a post-pandemic, she said she is excited about what the future of recording can look like. 

"With the way that people record now, all you really need is your computer, a microphone, some blocks of sound here and there," she said. 

And while she is looking forward to getting back to jam sessions at the studio to collaborate with others, the singer appreciated some of the many changes that have taken place due to COVID-19. 

"I've always just loved being in the studio, but when it comes to recording my vocals I do like to be in my house," Rowland noted.

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